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Sample Bilingual Customer Service Policy

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Bilingual Customer Service

The purpose is to provide better service to Language ABC speaking customers by ABC employees.  Department Managers will determine the number of employees required to this need and will designate employee(s) who are fluent in Language ABC to meet these needs.  Employees must pass a verbal testing process to receive premium pay for this work.


Department Managers will determine the number of employees needed and which employees will serve in that capacity.  Customer service demand exists if employees are routinely called upon to speak Language ABC to customers.

Selection of employees will be based upon fluency level, customer service skills, and frequency of need.  In the event of equally qualified employees, seniority will determine the selection.

Employees must be willing to use their language skills when called upon to do so.

The Department Manager has the authority to withdraw an employee’s designation at any time.


Human Resources will coordinate testing and the overall program.  Department Managers will notify Human Resources when a new employee has been designated.  Human Resources will notify the Department when the test result is received.

Each Department will pay the testing fee and premium pay associated with its designated employee(s).

Department Managers are responsible for generating the Staff Changes Form (SCF) to notify payroll when beginning or ending the premium pay.


Language School ABC will conduct all testing services.  Language School ABC will determine whether or not an employee passes or fails.

A designated employee may be re-tested at any time.

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