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Sample Affirmative Action Policy

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Affirmative Action

Employer ABC will always consider each candidate’s achievements, integrity, work ethic, and determination to overcome obstacles.  Employer ABC will go beyond all applicable local, state, and federal anti-discrimination employment laws and will place ads where they are most likely to be read/viewed by under-represented groups.  ABC will develop linkages with reputable regional and national career networks and associations in order to locate potential candidates.

In situations where two candidates are equally qualified, ABC will appoint the under-represented candidate.

Affirmative action helps ABC achieve equal opportunity and it helps reverse historic discrimination that has encumbered minorities, women and persons with disabilities.  Affirmative Action helps ensure that everyone is given a fair chance for jobs and career advancement.

Affirmative action is not an excuse to hire unqualified employees. ABC’s Affirmative Action policy will not be use to:

·         Fill fixed quotas.

·         Create and use dual selection standards.

·         Uses race, gender or ethnic status as the exclusive or dominant job qualification.

Affirmative Action attempts to treat fairly qualified individuals who might otherwise be denied an opportunity because of their race/ethnicity, sex and/or disability.

Affirmative Action benefits more than just the individuals for whom opportunities are expanded.  ABC also benefits from the vitality that is created by different cultures, races, and individual points of view.

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