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Sample Recruitment Policies

Finding and hiring competent, capable and quality staff is a constant challenge facing large, medium and small businesses. Many companies find that it is even tougher today for to compete for talent and that as a result, many hire new staff quickly just to have somebody fill a position. This often leads to the expensive consequences of a bad hire - workplace disruption, lost productivity, increased stress, and deceased morale. In addition, firing a "bad hire" creates workplace anxiety and legal and personal complications and expenses.

To make the best hiring choice, companies must make a commitment to the importance of the hiring process, instead of rushing through it. Creating Recruitment Policies is the first step. Companies who develop common-sense recruitment policies are the most effective at identifying, attracting and retaining quality employees. However, few companies and recruiters have policies in place that address issues surrounding effective recruitment. The Recruitment Policy Package will help your company develop sound policies that will help eliminate expensive errors of judgment and procedure.

As organizations begin to recognize the importance of effective recruitment to the bottom line, the need for clear and concise policies that outline how new staff are treated become paramount. High orientation, recruitment and turnover costs can be avoided if all new staff are treated equitably. Constantly hiring new staff hinders production which in turn hurts the bottom line. This can easily be avoided if new employees are hired using the same criteria and if they know how they will be treated as new employees.

While it is difficult to determine the exact cost of hiring a new employee, research in this area estimates that it costs the average company between $8,000 and $12,000 to hire and train each new employee. This expense cannot be ignored as these costs directly impact the company's productivity and the bottom line. Hiring the right person the first time will help reduce the number of new staff your company has to hire and train, thereby reducing overall operating costs.

Hiring a bad employee can be deadly, especially in small-medium sized companies. They can tie the company up for months because management is afraid to do anything for fear of a lawsuit, but at the same time, the company's needs are not being met. Avoid this situation by developing and implementing effective Recruitment Policies. Consistent application of your hiring process will ensure you minimize bad hiring decisions.

The Recruitment Policy Package can help you avoid these costly mistakes. At $24.95, it is an invaluable tool that could save you thousands of dollars.
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