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sample human resources letters

Free Sample Human Resources Letters

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free human resources letters
Welcome to our newest category and resource! Revisit this page often as we continue to build more content and samples. Immediate access to over 36 sample HR letters and HR related documents.
The samples will provide you with guidance when drafting concise and comprehensive hr letters and other HR related correspondence. All of our letters are ready-to-use once downloaded. Use these letters to make job offers, announcements regarding new hires and/or terminations, and provide effective employee recognition.

The FREE examples of human resources letters give you a comprehensive and up-to-date resource when you need to draft HR letters or correspondence. Downloading our HR letters and HR documents will save you time by providing you with an instantly accessable resource.

Don't seek professional advice AFTER costly mistakes have been made. The free sample HR letters are an invaluable tool that will save you thousands of dollars.

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what We Offer

Our sample HR letters combine the simplicity of an electronic document with up-to-date, well-researched language to help you create or write letters quickly and efficiently. Advantages of our products include:
  • Over 36 free sample human resources letters & documents
  • Immediate download access in MS Word format
  • Toll-free customer support 1-888-285-3055
  • 100% fully customizable in flexible MS Word format for easy editing/copying
  • No sign-up required to download ANY document
  • No membership fees required to download ANY document
  • Saves time - no need to search the Internet
  • Saves time - no need to write your policies or job descriptions from scratch


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